Dear Friends,
    I look forward to celebrating Pentecost this weekend with you. We will celebrate the work of God’s Spirit among us. I ask you to consider in prayer where God has led you in your life and how you have changed in your spiritual lives. The Spirit changes us and takes us down roads that we couldn’t imagine beforehand. So, why should we ever be afraid of the change that new life among us will bring?

    This Sunday, please feel free to wear red, and if not red, then orange or pink. If not those colors, then white.

    As I consider the work of the Spirit, I want to say thanks to all those who keep on saying yes to the Spirit. We have received a number of spontaneous donations recently for the beatifying of our facilities. We received a donation that has covered cleaning of the bathroom floors and paint for the walls in the Parish Hall. We received another donation to repaint the marquee sign at our entrance. And we have had lots of help from Jim Sarconi, Tom Cote, and Ryan Smith-Landwher in helping organize and move much of our stuff. This includes the movement of our books from the library to the office hall. This allows for a more spacious and multi-purpose room in the library.

    On another note of being open to the Spirit, our senior warden is organizing with our vestry a process for strategic planning. At this point, we are planning the plan, and we hope to begin next Fall or Winter. You will be hearing more about this in the months ahead.
    Thank you for being open to the Spirit and for helping St. Monica’s be such a wonderful church.

    Peace and grace,
    Fr. Jonathan Evans

    This week, our music ministry experienced a significant change. Dr. David Gomez is no longer serving as our Director of Music. He is a very gifted person, but he is not a good fit for our church. We wish him well in his future endeavors as we pray for him too. We will have various substitute musicians over the summer as we search for our new Director of Music.

    - Sign up for hosting coffee hour – we will train you! Just call or email the office.
    - Learn how to do wonders with flowers through serving through our flower guild.
    - Learn the prayerful experience of serving at the altar guild.
    - Give of your time at the front desk, helping with small administrative tasks, answering phones and greeting visitors.

    On another note of change, our campus is changing. We welcome the partnership with The Healthy Earth Organization, as we now have a community garden designed to reduce hunger and for teaching children about the stewardship of Creation. If you’re interested in helping, please contact Falon Tabares, falon@thehealthyearth.org.

    We are refurbishing our Parish Hall. You will see the painting has begun. The work has been completed by volunteers, and the expense of materials has been donated. If you would like to help, please contact Fr. Jonathan.


Pray, Love, Give