Dear Friends,

A church that is to thrive is to be a presence in the community. The bigger the presence, the bigger the relevance. We have become present to Naples in multiple ways, such as hosting a site for Baby Basics, hosting community musical events, and offering space for a preschool. Most recently, we have opened our buildings to local music teachers and to Steamers, an educational after-school program.

Many churches sadly put themselves into a shell and do not engage with the community in this way. They sometimes become territorial with their buildings and space. Not us. We are here to be present to the community of St. Naples. We are to be friends with those around us. We are to offer the ministry of hospitality. We are to be outwardly focused, not inwardly. We are to be the church that gives itself away. For, in giving ourselves away, we find life.

With this understanding, I am thrilled to see our buildings put to great use. Through these relationships and points of contact, everything else that we are called to do will be easier to accomplish.

Peace and grace,
Fr. Jonathan