Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom; and with gratitude in your hearts. Colossians 3:16

Ministry Teams

Sunday School

We offer Sunday School ministries for PreK-4 through Middle School. During most of the academic school year, we have Sunday School class beginning at 9:50am. Our PreK-4 through Fifth Grade class meets in the library. Our Middle School class meets in the Middle School Lounge, adjacent to the Front Office Reception. The classes rejoin us for Holy Communion, at about 10:30 or soon thereafter.

Our Approach to Children and Youth Ministry

We want your child to experience the Christian faith. We want them to come to St. Monica’s and know that they are loved. We want them to know that their gifts are what makes our church so special. We want them to know that they can come here and be accepted for who they are. We want them to be known by the church and for them to know the church. We want your child to have a sense of awe and wonder about the mysteries of God. We want them to know how and why we pray. We want your child to be a part of a Christian faith community for life.

Second Sundays

We believe that if children are not raised going to church services, then they will not come as an adult. But often children do not understand the service. So, on the second Sunday of the month, we have a “narrative service,” where our children are taught the structure of the service. Part of the sermon is directed to younger people. We have one less scripture to be read and some of the music is easier to follow. In this way, the congregation is partly fulfilling their baptismal promises to raise your child in the Christian faith.

How We Serve

  • We establish a comprehensive Christian formation program for all ages (nursery age to adulthood) to “Become a ‘Church for All Ages’”.
  • We facilitate the yearly Christian formation program, facilitated by varied courses and instructors.
  • We provide basic faith formation, scripture study groups, confirmation preparation, Education for Ministry (EfM).
  • We make the parish aware of the many diocesan-level educational programs.
  • We will coordinate with the Evangelism Team and Office staff to publicize regularly scheduled and special education events at St. Monica’s.

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