Rector’s Notes

Notes from our Rector

Embracing New Beginnings: Updates and Prayers

Dear Friends,   Last weekend, as we celebrated Pentecost, I spoke about the Spirit and the process of God bringing new life into our lives. In light of being open to new life, I mentioned that we will be engaging in visioning and strategic planning. That is, we will be [...]

2024-05-22T13:12:55-04:00May 22, 2024|Rector's Notes|

Study Leave Notice and Weekend Guest Speaker

Dear Friends,   I am away this week on study leave as I work in the last phase of a Doctorate of Ministry in Congregational Development from Bexley Seabury. In my place, we are blessed to have Fr. Tara McGraw with us this weekend.   Peace and grace, Fr. Jonathan [...]

2024-05-02T10:19:39-04:00May 2, 2024|Rector's Notes|

New Life

Dear Friends, The Lord has risen indeed! This proclamation declares to us that the powers of death do not have the ultimate word. No, God’s love for us does! So, despite any trial, any disappointment, any political reality that we experience, God’s love has the ultimate say. I always like [...]

2024-04-08T09:40:49-04:00April 4, 2024|Rector's Notes|

A beginner’s mind

Dear Friends, Several times in the past year, I have come across the concept of the “beginner's mind." This refers to approaching situations, experiences, and life with openness, curiosity, and a lack of preconceptions. In essence, it means seeing things as if you were encountering them for the first [...]

2024-03-21T11:46:52-04:00March 21, 2024|Rector's Notes|
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