First, I am so happy that our dear friend, the Rev. Hipólito Fernández-Reina, will be installed this weekend at Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis as the Canon for Latinx Ministries. We are proud that he has been a part of our story and that he continues to flourish! If you ever knew him, you know he is a gift to the world.

Second, it is so great to see so many friends come back, whether away due to the pandemic or just away for the season – we welcome you back!

Third, we also welcome with great joy so many new friends. We hope that they can help us be an even better church.

And fourth, Feed Thy Neighbor has is now using our kitchen during the week. (By the way, the tantalizing aromas make all those in the building hungry all the time!) The number of hungry individuals given warm meals and love increases each day as they get settled here. As of this writing, St. Monica’s will get some attention from the local news stations through our relationship with Feed Thy Neighbor.

There is much to celebrate and much more to come!

Peace and grace,
Fr. Jonathan Evans