Dear Friends,


The Corona Virus has taught us to be a lot of things, especially on being flexible. I thank you for adapting as needed and for being considerate of others. It has been a long hard road, and it is still too foggy to see where the road ends, but nonetheless, the fog has cleared for now. We are responding by being masks optional starting this Sunday. We will also be respectful of those who feel, for health reasons, that they need to continue wearing masks.


As we move ahead, we need you. I ask you to help, as you are able, at least once per month in one of these ways: Special Events Team, Altar Guild, Greeting/Ushering, Flower Guild, and Coffee Hour. Your help makes us be part of what we are – a warm and welcoming place. Just send our administrator, Laura Stamper, an email or call her, and she will put you in contact with the appropriate leader. We especially need your help for the Bishop’s visit, as we will have a Celebration of New Ministry on Saturday, March 26, and we will have a baptism on the following day.


Yours in Christ,

Fr. Jonathan