Dear Friends,


As we find ourselves in Eastertide and as many go back north for the summer, it is a time for us to remember and see where God has been present with us. What has filled you? What has made you feel most alive? What could you do more of? These are questions we can carry with us in the coming months. For many who stay, the same questions can be asked. It can also be a time of deepening relationships. I invite you to spend time with those that you love, both in the congregation and your neighbors around you.


Also, I ask your prayers for our Vestry as we go on a retreat this weekend to consider the values and vision for St. Monica’s – What is our call here and how are we living into it? How can we be the best St. Monica’s we can be?


In the coming weeks, if you are heading up north, please let me know. If you’re around, let’s share lunch together.


God bless you.


Peace and grace,
Fr. Jonathan Evans