Dear Friends,


I invite us to journey together through this Holy Week, the most important week of the Christian calendar. This week has the potential to leave an indelible mark upon us through the compelling story represented through scripture, liturgy, and special music.


This Maunday Thursday at 7pm, remembering Christ’s commandment that we are to love one another as Christ loves us. On Good Friday at noon is a solemn service as we remember the passion of our Lord. On Saturday night, the Easter Vigil begins at 7:51pm, the moment of sundown. We will begin outside the church with the making of new fire. On Sunday, the Easter service begins at its customary time of 10am.


As we are a church together, we are the body of Christ, each part contributing their gifts. I am so grateful to so many who are generously giving their time and talents to make this week special. I look forward to seeing you.


Peace and grace,
Fr. Jonathan Evans