Dear Friends,

God calls all of us to be managers of all of God’s things. By extension, all things that we have belong to God. All our furniture, all our 401Ks, all the contents of our refrigerators, all the things in our garage – everything in our possession belongs to God. If things are in our possession, we need to ask if they contribute to what God’s doing in the world. If those things that we have do not, we are invited to break our relationship with those things.

So, this Fall, we invite everyone to contribute what we have stored in our houses and no longer need. On November 5th, we will have a massive rummage sale in our Parish Hall. The proceeds from this event will go to pay for new doors around the parish hall building that have to be replaced and brought up to code. These doors help us maintain the integrity of the building during storms. The cost of these doors will be about $30,000. As we raise money for the doors, we will also tithe our funds (10%) to Meals of Hope, a long-time partner of ours that seeks to end hunger in the community. Additionally, if you would like to make any additional gift to helping us maintain the integrity of our Parish Hall building, please designate the gift to the church for that purpose.

Thank you for all that you do to make our church where Christ’s light shines in so many ways.


Peace and grace,
Fr. Jonathan Evans