Dear Friends,

We now enter a season in Southwest Florida where things get busy, really busy. It is now “season” in Naples and activities abound. We feel pressure and pull from so many possibilities and people in our lives.

I invite you to consider this time with intention. What are your priorities? What do you feel called to be and to do? From this angle, choose how to respond faithfully.

We, too, have numerous announcements and events, and I encourage you to pray about what the Spirit is calling you to do. Where do you feel drawn? What makes you come alive? What might help you grow into what God may be calling you to be?

I do not want the church to become the noise of your life as you try to engage in our many ministries and events. Instead, I pray that our ministries offer a place of love, warmth, and presence of God found in one another.

After prayerful concernment, please consider a few ministries that I want to highlight. One, please consider Breaking Bread Together, which offer opportunities to simply get to know others and enjoy good food. Two, we have an “all generations” event of meal packing on December 3. “All generations” means that it is an event where people of ages one to one hundred can participate. Please look at these events and many others below.

Also, next week, except Monday, I will be taking some of my vacation time. Part of the time will also be my study-leave as I complete my last class for a Doctorate of Ministry in Congregational Development from Bexley Seabury Seminary. If you have any pastoral emergency next week, please contact the Rev. Kathy Schillreff, 239.572.2001.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Jonathan Evans