Dear Friends,

During this week of Thanksgiving, I am reminded of the spirituality of gratitude. Gratitude moves us out of being stuck or in a negative space to a place of contentment. Our whole relationship with God and creation can be altered simply by focusing on what one is thankful for!

So, as I write this “rector’s note,” I am thankful for you. I love the work we are doing and the direction our church is going. I am thankful for my colleagues who put so much effort and integrity into their work. I am thankful for the leadership in our church and for so many who take on so many roles. I am thankful for your financial generosity that allows our church to do so many special things.

I am thankful that we, in partnership with the community, gave away 500 turkeys and hundreds of bags of food as we celebrate Thanksgiving. (See pictures below!)

I am thankful for so many ministry groups that we have at St. Monica’s. We have well over 30! This includes so many groups like our video team, readers, bible study, Baby Basics, altar guild, and many more. I see that most parishioners generously take on these roles and join these groups as they allow us to a community that comes together to love and serve God and our neighbor.

In gratitude,
Fr. Jonathan Evans