Dear Friends,

At this time of year, as a father, I think about the gifts I give my children, and I answer requests from my parents and in-laws about what my children would like to have for Christmas. As a priest and as someone who has worked with non-profits, I also think about what gifts others need and how gifts can change the effectiveness of the church and other organizations that do so much good in the world.

The generosity of ourselves, our gifts, and our finances also live into the theology of Christmas. We have the profound belief that God became and becomes incarnate. So, our lives matter, our bodies matter, our earth matters, and our gifts matter. As God became incarnate in Jesus, God declares that our experience here and our ministry matters more than we can imagine. I see this truth become apparent so often in the Spirit’s work at and through St. Monica’s.

So, I write all this as an invitation to consider giving St. Monica’s a special gift for Christmas. For those of us who need to take a qualified charitable distribution for your required minimum distribution, please consider St. Monica’s.

Finally, please remember to fulfill your pledge if you haven’t done so already.

Thank you for all you do for our ministry together.

Peace and grace,
Fr. Jonathan Evans