Dear Friends,

It is nice to be back! My family and I were able to get away for a few weeks before the school year began. Being away allows us to see things here in a new way and with renewed energy. But honestly, this year I did not feel that my energy needed to be renewed. I’m energized by being with you all!

When I was away, the staff and vestry took great care of the church matters. There were building issues and accommodations for our renters that we had to make, and our Junior Warden, Ryan Smith-Landwher, and our administrator, Laura Stamper, handled things perfectly. On the pastoral end, the Rev. Sylvia Czarnetzky did a wonderful job attending to those in need. We are indeed blessed to have such capable hands here at St. Monica’s.

I want to take a moment to remember Helen M. Strong who gave a generous gift to our church. It is an honor and a privilege when someone remembers their church family in their estate plans. She is a wonderful example to us all. Her gift will not be used for operations, but in for other areas needed for mission and ministry.

In Christ,

Fr. Jonathan Evans