Dear Friends,

Early in my tenure here at St. Monica’s, the church received a message via Facebook in Spanish. A woman asked in Spanish, “Do you have services in Spanish.” I said, “No, but let’s talk.” So we met – Gustavo, Francis, Linda Flores, and myself. They told me that they wanted to go to an Episcopal Church, because “no tienen prejuicios” (they don’t have prejudices), and that no other Episcopal Church in the area has one. (In fact, the nearest Spanish-speaking Episcopal congregation is 100 miles away.) In that initial meeting, we felt the Spirit move us to go forward with having the Holy Eucharist in Spanish.

This Sunday, we have the honor to baptize their daughter, Francia Elena! Let us welcome her as a child of God and newest member of St. Monica’s this Sunday. She will be part of our community as she grows up in our church, taking part in church-wide events, confirmation, and mission. Let us pray for her, her parents, and her sponsors, Edgar and Dayana.

The service will involve a bilingual sermon and bilingual baptism, with the assistance of the Reverend  Gerardo Logildes and the Right Reverend Griselda Logildes.

We expect several visitors from the Latino community in Naples to be in attendance. Let us show them God’s love with a warm embrace and welcome!

Peace and grace,

Fr. Jonathan Evans