Dear Friends,

As I’ve mentioned recently, St. Monica’s campaign for 2024, “Pray, Give, Love,” reflects our understanding of being a follower of Jesus and how we change. We will be deepening and widening the ways we pray, give, and love. I promise you, if you seriously engage with this challenge and expand how you pray, give, and love, you will change, and the church and the world will change because of you.

This invitation of expanding of how we “Pray, Give, Love,” will inform our pledge campaign for 2024 and congregational life. In the coming weeks, you will receive specific invitations to give, pray, and love.

I am excited to share that we are working on a few fantastic ministry initiatives for the coming year. Two of them are in the early stages of planning. One, I expect to announce in the coming week.

Another ministry initiative involves the hiring of Fr. Gerardo Logildes. I do want to be clear about his role and funding. He is being mostly supported by a grant from the diocese; a small amount of his compensation will come from our endowment, which has the stated purpose of missional efforts. He will be working with our Spanish-speaking congregants. He will also be working in partnership with other Episcopal churches in the deanery.

The work to bring him on took place over last summer and fall and required significant administrative preparations to gather information needed for the diocese. I am very thankful for Paul Nick, Laura Stamper, and Brenda Walsh. They gave of our time and talents to make this ministry come to fruition.

I pray that God bless our time as we change through this movement of “Pray, Give, Love.”

Peace and grace,
Fr. Jonathan Evans