Dear Friends,


As we emerge from the Omicron surge and many are able to get out again, we will continue to adapt. One change you will see is the absence of the Prayer for Spiritual Communion. The use of this prayer began during the lockdown phase of the pandemic a few years ago; it was necessary as we could not gather and many in residential facilities could not leave their homes. This was never intended to be a permanent part of our liturgy. Also, that prayer was originally written for private use.  For those who are unable to come to church, we would like to come to you. Our Eucharistic Ministers or clergy would be glad to visit – just let us know by contacting Fr. Jonathan or the Rev. Sylvia.


In addition to this liturgical change, we are looking for help. St. Monica’s has always been a very social and welcoming congregation, which includes opportunities to spend time with one another on special occasions and after service. So, we are calling on all those who enjoy providing hospitality to help us in one of two ways: 1) Join the Special Events Team that will help 7-8 events per year, and/or 2) help with the Sunday Coffee Hour or Second Saturday Socials, depending on which service you attend. These ministries are critical components of our culture and what makes us a special place – we would love for you to join us in making our church the special place it is.


Finally, I look forward to seeing you all next week on Ash Wednesday at 12:00pm or 6:30pm with the choir.


In Christ,