Dear Friends,

Put your seatbelts on! We’re getting ready to launch. Just look at the announcements of groups that are beginning to gather, and new ones are being formed in the coming month.

As we see these groups come back and others being formed, please remember that we do critical ministry through these groups. We have groups to deepen our faith, to build a healing community, and to help us love.

This coming year, I see us expanding our ministries with families with children, creating more opportunities for companionship and community throughout the church, and developing more opportunities for missional engagement in the community.

Meanwhile, on September 11th, we kick off the year for children and youth ministries. After the Sunday service, all the children will be invited to have some fun on a huge waterslide until 1pm. Ice cream will also be available. Please contact me, Fr. Jonathan Evans, if you can help on that day.

Peace and grace,

Fr. Jonahan