Dear Friends,


As I looked around last Sunday morning, I was struck by how many new faces have become a part of St. Monica’s in the past year. To me, it appears that as we rebound from the pandemic or as we adjust to a new normal, our church is growing. I attribute our growth to the Spirit’s work among us. I see the Spirit among us through the smiles, the hugs, the warm welcomes, and the community that we offer.


I want to encourage you to keep up the good ministry that you offer. Your love for others changes lives – I see it and people tell others about it. I invite you all to be friendly, to invite others to join you if you’re going to lunch after, and to look at others as wonderful gifts from God.


I also want to thank you all for your continued financial support of St. Monica’s through the summer months that enable us to be a presence of God’s love in the Naples community year-round.


Peace and grace,

Fr. Jonathan Evans